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January 28, 2009



so my child doesn't wear socks 24/7~bless your heart!


so my memory is horrible and it bugs you. bless your heart....and bless my heart. :-)


So I had my first child when I was young, I know this, you know this, there is no reason to continually keep telling me I am way too young to be a parent..BLESS your heart!!


You think that just because I stay home with my kids that my husband must be rolling in the dough? Would you like to see our pay stubs? Bless your heart!


You think that just becuase I have a demanding career that I don't have my priorities right....Bless your heart

You think that just because I am not with my children all day, I have loads of free time...Bless your heart

danny scott

well bless my soul whatsa wrong with me i'm itchin lika man ona fuzzy tree.justa a nother example of blessing sfp all i have to say about that


boy you opened up a topic that just might keep getting comments for years to come. i had a patient tell me that, that was just a southern girls way of saying "shut-up". i could go on and on at the folks whose "hearts i would like to bless" just today however i'll bless 2- the ones who think you make millions because you choose not to whine about money and the ones who are upset because they are asked to work all 8 hours at their job.. bless your hearts!

Lisa Taylor

I don't have children and you want to know why I have failed to produce at the ripe old age of 31.
Well, it is really none of your business. . .bless your heart!


"I don't know if I could adopt, because Im not sure I could love it like my own." Well let me assure you I love mine and he is my own and babies are not called IT. Bless your heart!!
Not Flesh of my Flesh Nor Bone of my Bone, but miraculously my own. My child you didn't grow under my heart, but in it. author unknown.


I heard a comedian say years ago that "Bless Your Heart" is a sugar-coated way to say You're so stupid!" LOL

daddy and mama

You think I do not have fun and enjoy life because I am a preacher! bless your heart


You think teachers have an easy job working 7.5 hours a day and getting 2 months off in the summer (with no pay) and should take a pay cut because we all do it for the kids... bless your heart!


What do you think Jesus thinks of your tattoo...WELL BLESS YOUR STINKIN HEART.


I loved this post and totally repeated it on my blog today. Thank you for a great idea. : )

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