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January 08, 2009


Lisa Nall

I put diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce and I also add Ranch dressing and a bottle of beer. The alcohol cooks out and it adds great flavor.


It was good...all 3 bites I had of it! ;-P

Jeremy C.

quite possibly the best soup in existence, first brought to my taste buds by my mother in law. I have never thought about putting refried beans in it though, hmmm, I think I will have to try that.

Lisa Nall

I should clarify that it's the powdered ranch dressing mix.

Mrs. Prissy

Thank you Social Chick. I made some tonight. Great! Simple, yet absolutely delicious.


Yum! I do the dry ranch packet too! And serving with sour cream is a must, love this stuff!


I do have to say that I tried the recipe last night and it was DELICIOUS! We loved it!!! It was even better today for lunch :). We added sour cream and cheese and it was yummy! Thanks so much for sharing.

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