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December 25, 2008



The memory that always stands out when I think of Christmas was when it snowed in 1989 in N. Florida. Some of you might remember that. We got a Nintendo that year so my brothers and I played that and played in the snow a little. And I was laughing this morning because here I am 19 years later getting another video game system. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Jessica W.

One Christmas Mom...I mean Santa. Hid our presents and left clues to make us search for them. My sister and I had to work together to find them. We had to go all over our the mail box (like 1/2 mile), to the barn, all over the place. Not only did my sister and I enjoy it, but it made the gift opening last a lot longer. I was just tons of fun. I still remember the first clue; it went something like: "What's black and white and read all over?" Mail--meaning go to the mail box for the next clue.


I would have to say my favorite memory this year was seeing my 4 yr. old ride a bike for the first time. She was so cute w/her helmet on. That was priceless:)


One of my favorite Christmas memories involves a tradition, actually. I remember our whole family gathering around the Advent wreath and taking turns lighting the candles and reading the scriptures together. Those memories are priceless to me, as now my father has passed away and my siblings and I are all married with children and spread throughout the state. It warms my heart though to have that warm family memory.


One of my favorite Christmas memories is when Christmas was on a Sunday. Little sis and I set the alarm to 5 a.m. so we would have plenty of time to play with our toys before church. It was the 1st year I actually assembled the toys. My Dad got us each a nice Barbie car and I had my sister passing me parts and stickers so we could play since my mom was in the bed. It was memorable because my Mom congratulated me on doing such a wonderful job and from then on I felt confident to put anything together as long as I had an instruction manual! :)


Our favorite Christmas memory is 2006. It was our first Christmas with our bundle of joy. I remember praying on 12-25-05, "Father, please let this be the last Christmas we spend w/o a child to share it with" Thank you Father for making all my dreams come true!!!

Laura C

my favorite Christmas memory was the last time my whole family was able to get together for the holidays- over 15 years ago. We were all seated around a huge tree at grandma's house and passed out the gifts and took turns opening them. We had the music playing and the grown-ups were acting just as bad as the kids trying to sneak rips in the packages to peek before their turn. It was having the whole family there that makes it my favorite memory since I haven't seen many of them in so long and some have passed on.


My favorite Christmas memory is 2 years ago when we had family from Michigan and FL come here to SC to spend Christmas with us, all awaiting the birth of our first baby girl. I was definitely tired since she came about a week late, but it was fun having everyone together! Kaelyn came on January 4th, and we are about to celebrate her 2nd birthday! =)
Happy New Year!

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