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December 03, 2008



I'm with you. Keep things a little different from year to year.

Jessica W.

Yeah, we really dont have any traditions either. Things are definately different now that my sister is married and we kinda work around their schedule. Never-the-less I will still get up at like 7 in the morning to open my presents from Mom.


while i am on the hunt for traditions to start with my husband so that one day we can share them with the kids, i like the idea of spicing things up every year. or else you do begin to forget the reason you ever started a tradition at all.


We're back and forth between families so where and what we do on Christmas eve and day changes every year. The traditions I love really come before that day. Like cooking lots of goodies all day with my mom one day, shopping the day after Thanksgiving, reading the Christmas story with punkin and acting it out with his little nativity set. All those things leading up to one final day of celebration!

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