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December 04, 2008



This sounds like a neat idea. Wish I would have heard about it before my boys were 20 and 16!

And I also like the 3 gift idea. It is SO easy to get carried away with the gift buying. I think this would also make the three gifts more special.

Thanks for sharing!


I think both of those are very good ideas. I'm thinking of doing a "kids tree" next year and starting their own ornament collection would be fun.

Julie Stewart

Thank you for the "3 gift" idea...I think we may start that ourselves! We also buy each child (and ourselves as a couple) an ornament each year. We try to make it symbolize something special we did that year - we got a whale one the year we went to Sea World, got Disney ones this year. My fave is Laneys gator ornament she got the year she went to her first gators game.

Jessica W.

My mom, sister, and I have one ornament each with our name engraved on it and birth year that we always put on the tree. Mom's kept a few we made in school here and there too.


I could buy Laney a FSU ornament, just to add


This is a wonderful tradition- I think Christmas has become so commercialized and I hear more and more family members wanting to "cancel" because it has just gotten out of hand. But I think limiting the gifts and just making sure that all know the reason for the season is wonderful. I look forward to having a special Christmas next year with a new addition (new baby, same hubby... lol) and am definitely looking forward to beginning some new traditions of my own.

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