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December 23, 2008


Ayshia Hatcher

Massage gift certificates. CVS has tons of gift certificates to all different places. Works like a charm!


Target gift cards or Chick-fil-a calendars!

Pines Lake Redhead

Starbucks gift cards... they also make great stocking stuffers!

Julie Stewart

I'll admit it since we all do it - I regift something I bought for myself and haven't opened yet. For example, just bought a $50 photo tree from Michael's...feel guilty about spending money on myself (even though I got it for $25)...will probably regift it if I need something for someone special! Then I will feel sad when I see the gift and wish I had kept it for myself afterall :-)

Julie Stewart

PS - Dara, I don't know you but you are my kind of gift giver...Target or Chick Fil A? A win-win situation all around!

Jeremy C.

There is nothing wrong with re-gifting, as long as the person receiving the gift doesn't know it. Anyway, last minute gifts pretty much sum up my whole list this year. However, I have had some logistical issues to work with this year. I can't list anything I am thinking about for Tiff, because she might read this comment! But we are looking at a little mailbox that talks and makes noise for Little M, I am making the presents for our parents and the jury is still out what we are going to get our siblings, Tiff has already left for Dothan today and her dad is going to pick me up later, so we will see what deals are out there.


If you are really, really in the sticks like I am, Tom Thumb even has a very nice array of gift cards to all kinds of stores. Jus thought I'd put that out there for anyone still on the lookout!

Jessica W.

There are a ton of people who are last minute me I just got off of work. Gift cards are really good ideas for last minute and if yo don't know the person well.


We have went with a newly relased dvd last minute gift many times. You can grab those for anyone child, man, women, teenager.


This year my last minute gift was a 3 plug car adapter- most of the people in my life have tons of gadgets in their cars and not enough outlets. With a GPS, radar detector, and a cell phone- it makes it difficult to always choose which is more important to hook up and dangerous to attempt to switch out speeding on the highway. My other last minute gift is loungewear/pajamas- everyone can use these!


I have to go with the popular choice cards. They have made them so convenient these days and have everything from restaurants to movies! =)

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