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December 09, 2008


Lisa Taylor

Christmas List:

1.) For everyone I know and love to get well!!!!!
2.) Notorious by Ralph Lauren
3.) Silver jewelry
4.) gift certificates (for clothing stores)
5.) flat screen - LOL! Not this year. Maybe I haven't been good enough.


My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List:

1. National Championship tickets!
2. Right-hand ring
3. King size bed
4. Sorrelli


1. A Wii... and we bought that the day after Thanksgiving
2. New clothes, specifically a corduroy blazer
3. A blender

Jessica W.

Okay call me a dork, but I always make a list for Mom. Mainly its a list of DVD, CDS, and Books with a few 'big' things'. The big things are:
1. pair of nike shoes...I even included the official name and a picture of them on the list.
2. Chuck Season 1 (I SERIOUSLY want this--if I dont get it I will buy it after Christmas).
3. FM Transmitter
4. Gifts cards to various clothing stores

Lee Ann

I'm like you...I don't like it when someone comes up to me and asks me what I want for Christmas because most of the time my response is "I don't know." To me cash is the best gift because I can go out and know what I want when I see it.


People never have to ask me. They always say I am easy to buy for. I love comfy pajamas and lounge pants anything Betty Boop. Jewelry is my fav.
1.Sorelli (volcano)
2.Nikon D40 Got it on Black Friday (yippy)
3.New watch
4.Coach purse and wallet
5.Visa Gift card
6.High heal boots no zipper
7.Velour track suit in brown
I don't expect everything on here just so ya know.


Okay, so normally I usually have a great list of things I want, but this year is not so great.

I have asked for a KitchenAid mixer since I am baking a lot, a coffee system so that I can make latte's, and that's all.. I feel like I am going to wish I had never asked for those gifts.

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