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November 18, 2008


Julie Stewart

Also thinking of getting the Vtech system for mine (ages 5 & 3). Yours is a little younger, so he would probably like the computer I bought last year. It is from Leapfrog and it is called the Clickstart. Laney loved it, and learned a lot by using it. The only reason we got rid of it after one year is because she wanted to "trade up" to the Tag Reader which is also made by Leapfrog. The Tag Reader and the Clickstart were both excellent investments for both of my kids. The only drawback is the Clickstart does not have a whole lot of games (6 or 7 I think last time I checked) and the Tag Reader eats batteries like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and the latest great investment I made was getting Laney one of the new Fisher Price digital cameras. It is the one that can be dropped and can get wet and it still keeps going. It does not take the best quality photos, but it is a real digital camera and you can load the photos to your computer. The buttons are easy to use and my 3 year old even has it figured out! Hope this helps...

Lisa Nall

I would go with the motion one. If they have to play video games (and most boys do) at least he'll be up moving around and not just sitting on his bottom.


Punkin actually got the digital camera for his birthday and he LOVES it. Every time we put new batteries in it, he takes pictures constantly until they die again. And by constantly, I mean he walks around the house for over an hour just taking pictures. So batteries are killing us on that one! But, it's great. You know I like some photos!

Julie Stewart

PS the clickstart gift pack is 30% off and free shipping on the leapfrog website right now. I paid $50 for the system, $10 for the adapter, and $20 each for the games when I bought ours last year so that is a good deal if you order directly from leapfrog.


We got the vTech /vSmile last year and it was a waste for us. It never worked properly and when it did Cam wasn't interested, maybe he was too young?!? I wasn't crazy about him sitting in front of the television more either.

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