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November 14, 2008





Joining you in prayer on this.


We will be praying.


The Worley's are holding up Emily and her family in prayer!!

Lisa Taylor

Update on Emily. . .

First of all, I am happy to report that Emily is doing much better. She is still not out of the woods, but she is no longer having siezures. In fact, the doctors have taken her out of the ICU and placed her back in a regular room. Thank you, father!

Second, Emily, her family, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been and currently are praying for her. We know that God has brought her this far and can bring her the rest of the way! It is unbelievable how many people have stepped up to pray with and for Em. The family is very grateful to everyone out there!

Finally, the doctors now think that they have figured out the cause of all these problems. They no longer think Emily is in renal failure due to complications from pregnancy. (And, they will not make a formal diagnosis until they do a biopsy on Monday.) However, the doctors think that Emily contracted a rare disease that only 1 in 20,000 - 30,000 people get. It is not contagious, and doctors have not been able to figure out a pattern with anyone who has developed it.

There is good news and bad news with this. The good news is that the disease is usually treatable. The bad news is that the damage done to her kidneys has already been so severe that it looks like she may be on dialysis indefinitely. That is according to the doctors. I know someone who can fix that! Please continue to pray about this.

When the doctors make things official, I will let one of the chicks know the terminology in case anyone out there wants to read up on this rare and unheard disease.

Julie Stewart

Thanks for the update!


i will definitely keep her in my prayers

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