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November 05, 2008



God is in control, indeed!


I am disappointed, I can't even lie about that. I was really hoping McCain would pull through...
I am however glad that I have a Heavenly Father that has all of this in his hands. I am definitely praying for America and our soon to be president.

Heather Suber

I am definately disappointed for sure! It is very frustrating to think that so many Americans gave their vote to someone we know hardly anything about and what we do know is not too good. I am concerned for our country and where we are headed. We indeed need bind together as believers and know and trust that God is in control of everything (even this) even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. God doesn't ever give us things we can't get through or handle with Him!!

danny scott

i also have been fact a took ty pm to sleep last night.i lived near memphis during the time clinton was running in the early that close to arkansas i knew all the dirt.but but he got voted this.i saw bro ball yesterday and he said God is still on the throne.i guess we could all start singing this song.soon and very soon we going to see the lord soon and very soon we are going to see the know sing it children thats all i have to say about that sfp


I am not fearful b/c I know that God is in control, but I can't help but wonder what path is before us. I think about my baby and his future, but in the end all we can do is trust our Daddy God and pray for the fate of this nation.

And I to am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that the election is over. I am not politically minded and was about to go crazy!


We can pray for our President Elect's wisdom and direction, that they will come from the Lord. We can still make our voices heard to our Senators and Representatives.
I was not happy either, but it is what it is and in 4 years we'll have the opportunity to get someone else in there.


Very disheartened but I agree that prayer is needed now more than ever

Jeremy C.

Well at first, and especially this morning a bit bitter and ill. However, now since I heard that the Marriage amendments passed, in California no less, I am bit encouraged and my faith in the country was renewed a bit. Yeah a bit why Obama got elected, it was because everything is obviously the Bush's fault and therefore everyone thought they had to do everything to get the evil conservatives out, but when all the dust has settled, its really not that bad. Congress is not lopsided, as was my greatest fear, and yep like you said we serve a Lord that can change any heart and remake any person. He sure did a number on me, why would I expect Him to do any less with anyone else? I haven't really thought of that before I read your post, so now I feel even better, thanks.
Yes of course we need to pray for our officials, but that is something we should have always been doing, I admit I have failed in this area....badly. However, I will still hold to the idea that we are Christians have to be more involved in the public arena, how can we get upset if we exclude ourselves?

susan c

I take comfort in knowing that God is truly in control. Through experience not just words I can say confidently "That my God is in control of the whole situation."

Lisa Nall

I think of how God used ungodly kings in the book of Daniel. God brings them to power and God can take them out.

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