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November 17, 2008


Julie Stewart

I've tried them all, so I will tell you what worked for me...may or may not work for you! Weight Watchers helped me go from 156 to 118 after Tyler was born (I met my goal weight just before getting pregnant with Ava, of course). This time around I am going back on WW and will be using a combo of these videos from - 10 Minute Trainer, Rockin Body, and Turbo Jam. I've also used Power 90 videos from beachbody and they work really well...I just don't have time for that much of a workout with three kids running around. Keep us posted! PS - I got my videos on ebay since they are pretty pricey on the website. You can use the website to get the description, but I would use ebay to purchase :-)

Jessica W.

I love to eat. All of my family envents involve eating...especially southern food. I go to my grandparents at least once a week to chat and they feed me. I need to get back in shape. I'm going to start running again like I did during soccer season in high school. Im not so sure Ill stick to it because I'm a procrastinator. If you stick to it you may give me inspiration to stick with stick with it!!

Leloni Hart

I used Beach Bodys Turbo Jam DVD's. They are pretty good and I love that there is such a wide variety of the videos. If I am feeling really hyper I can do the Fat Blaster video that is high intense. Then If I want a good work out but lower intensity I can do the body shaper dvd or lower body workout. Then they have this amazing ab dvd, I was seeing results with my abs doing the 20 minute dvd like 5 times! I lost 5 lbs but I got sick so I gained it back. However, I am getting back on this week.


yea good luck! I still have some to loose but I probably won't loose them by dieting or exercising. They are going to magically fall off.


We have a fitness center where I work and I try to make it down there 3 times a week for a body sculpting class that's pretty intense. It lasts a little over an hour and I would never have that much free time at home with hubby and baby girl after work! When I feel like I can't handle the class, I just do the elliptical... I figure something is better than nothing. hehe =) Exercising does give me that "me time" and it's something I get to do for myself even if I do have to sacrifice part of my lunch break... I always feel better when I do it, and it brought me back to lower than pre-baby weight! Good luck and keep us posted!


best of luck chick! i am proud of you for getting out there. That can be tough. I will say that I feel like I am in the best shape I have been in, in a while. I am jogging three miles every morning before work. Now I feel terrible and tired on days that I don't run. Even though it is so hard to get up at five, it's worth it when I get back home. I am hoping to run in another 5k or even a 10k soon. Hang in there, you can do it!!!


no wonder we are friends. I LOVE food and HATE dieting too. And exercise has just fallen off the radar. But I need to get busy too. So I will keep up with your progress and hope to get inspired. But I agree with socialchick, couldn't the pounds just melt away?


I walk the bridge (we have a steep bridge that goes over the bay here) several times a week with a friend. It's not an intense workout by any means but at least it's something. Oh, and I eat lots of ice cream ;)


I am with you, I don't do diets. I love to eat and I'm not down with plain tasteless foods. Right now I am doing nothing for exercise but I can't wait to get back to the gym.

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