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November 18, 2008



Sleep at night! That is about all the time I get. I am in desperate need of a vacation with just me and hubby!


I love to read. I don't get to do it as much as I would like but I still enjoy it.


I read, bake, and go to work :-)


If I can just sit down for an hour at night after he goes to bed and just veg out. Watch a tv show and play on the internet. I'm good to go. Just an hour where I'm not trying to do 5 things and make sure a 3 year old isn't about to fall and break his arm from trying to climb onto the kitchen cabinets.


I like to take a really hot bath, with candles around the tub, and read my favorite magazine. This really helps me relax and take a breath.

Lisa Nall

I enjoy reading a good book right before bed preferably in a hot tub with amazing Sea Spa bath salts.

If I have a lot of time (rarely) I enjoy scrapbooking and making cards in the Scrap Shack.


I love to just go have a manicure, pedicure, a facial, or all three at a salon in town. A less expensive option is to sit down and watch a good chic flick all by myself with a bowl of popcorn (after a long, hot bubble bath with candles).


The gym helps me a lot and Reis gets to play with other kiddos. I have been reading the Twilight series(suggested by Sarah) and I am completely hooked. That has been my escape lately and of course, my dvr'd reality tv shows and a glass of wine:)


I am a bit of a I love to read when I have time and puzzles absolutely put me in a relaxed frame of mind. There is something about focusing so much on something so inconsequential that it relaxes me. And don't forget reality TV and forensic shows. Told you I was a nerd....

Heather Suber

I really like to cook and just hang around the house. I really enjoy playing Sudoku...mindless games!!!

Jessica W.

I like to watch either a comedy tv show (like Chuck--NBC on Mondays) or funny (like Elf--yes I watch it year 'round) and or a romantic comedy movie (like Oklahoma! or Sweet Home Alabama). I just watch the show and it allows me to not focus on anything really. Not only do I relax, but I feel better afterward due to all the laughter (laughter is the best medicine).


Reading, watching tv and most of all, photography!

Laura C

I love making jewelry. The fun of starting something and seeing the finished project is a nice thing to focus on. I also love to relax outside infront of a fountain near my house. There is a bench and shade tree. I read my mail or just daydream with the sound of running water in the background...


I either love to walk the lakeyard or take a bubble bath with old music playing like the rat pack music or silly romantic songs.

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