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November 17, 2008


Julie Stewart

Some of the chicks were asking for photos of Ava, so I sent the link to Social & Singer. There are some posted on the Bugle as well.

Thanks for the Black Friday ads...I have been waiting for them to be posted!!!


Already been on this site and its great. Im like you, fall between, not insane, but its becoming a mom and me tradition. I already am compiling my list....


We have a tradition also. I LOVE IT!!! My Sisters and BFF are spending the night with my sis this year, so we don't have to get up so early. We are the crazy early risers and sometimes never go to bed. We are at the first store at 4am. We do alot of tag teamning, so we can get everything on our list. We had huge success last year, so we will be shopping in Dothan again. A lil tip... ToysRus will match other prices, so cut those ads out tape them to the item while you wait in line to pay and get all your toys there! Happy shopping!!

Jessica W.

I will be working on Black Friday...the joys of working retail. I hope you have fun though...if only I could go shopping instead or working...


Black Friday shopping definitely gets me in the shopping spirit although this year is a little different. Nevertheless the site that I have found to be helpful (that started e-mailing me this week mind you) is: I look here for in store and online deals. The past couple of years, I have played Santa to myself and just had things delivered to my home. Hope this is another site readers can add to the list!


Shhhhh- don't tell but I have figured something out. Most of the sales that are available on Black Friday are still on for Sat. We go early Sat. All the Friday shoppers are still exhausted and don't show up until about 1 - at which time I am finished. It works and is really fun.

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