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August 06, 2008


Jessica W.

[this is my official vote--not just a comment] I unfortunatley think you have decided to leave. You're life has changed over a couple of years. Though I don't know you well, I will miss your blogs. Oh by the way I really like your hair.


So I guess my vote goes to you....I will miss your blogs! But I hope everything goes well with your hubby and the new job....

Amanda Peel

I'm going to have to vote that its you leaving. I'm sorry you had to make this decision but I wish you and your husband the best of luck with everything.


Here is my vote......Your blogs will be missed!

julie stewart

Cuban Chick! I don't know why, but I think you are the one seem to have a lot on your plate, and I know being a teacher does not leave much time for anything else. Good luck if it is you - hope you have a great school year!

Rick Everitt

It is Cubanchick

Jessica C.

All of the chicks' stories were compelling, but none of them have convinced me that they are leaving. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I hope God blesses you and your hubby in whatever you do.


I get the feeling that it is you that is leaving. So that is my vote. We will miss you and wish you luck on the next chapter in your life.


What is girl??? Okay, I may be a bit naive at times, but I am not totally stupid.....I know it is you that is leaving. I say this only b/c I know you personally (even though I haven't seen you in forever)and you have other avenues with your new life to pursue. I wish you the best and congratulations on your marriage by the way! I hope that I will not be too far in the marriage wagon behind you....but who knows cuz God is in control!!! I love you bunches!!!!


You chicks are crazy... and I am too. You have me going here with the tears after reading SEVEN goodbyes. I was pretty convinced by Baby Chick too but I think it's you, pretty Cuban Chick. I wonder how much of this is stuff is really going on - there's some major changes afoot if even half of it's true. Hugs to all of you.


It's cuban chick, it has to be.


I know that it isn't Baby Chick, because I would just have to go with her. I believe it is Cuban Chick.


I know that it isn't Baby Chick, because I would just have to go with her. I believe it is Cuban Chick.

Lisa Taylor

Cuban Chick,

I should probably pull my vote from social and go with you. But since I have already voted for her, I will stick with my choice. Hope you aren't leaving. But if you are, good luck to you. It was nice meeting you at the shower in June. Maybe I will see you Sat. If not, have a great school year.


I'm voting that it's Cubanchick too. Your story was the most believable. We'll miss you!


Good Luck in your future endeavors Cuban! Come see us sometime..Love ya:)

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