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July 24, 2008



That is really cute. Reminds my of the days I thought WOULD NEVER END>..

Ayshia Hatcher

YEAHHHHHH for you!


always glad to say goodbye to those poopy diapers!!
although, then we say hello to skid!
cute pics!!


Priss has gone 2 days now with big girl panties and no accidents. I was actually going to write about it. Maybe next week.


social chick, that reminds me-- i cracked up watching jon and kate plus 8 the other day. she said the girls were potty trained right at 2, but the boys . . . . they were 3.5!!! boys definately like ot make us work for EVERYTHING!!

Jessica W.

I'm so happy for y'all! I know it has to be a huge wave of relief!

Lisa Nall

I love that first picture. It is brilliant. Definitely one to share with his future wife one day.

I also love that book he's reading. I read it so often to my two we all had it memorized!

Heather Suber

The pictures are great! Good idea with the book!


this makes me laugh....showing him the pictures when he's older is one thing but telling him you posted them on the blog is another.
i know ya'll are glad that part is over!


I was just commenting today that little one's don't want to sit still long enough to do thier business. How many time have I said, "just relax", "just wait a minute" or my favorit "see if you have more." Big Man liked to take a book to the potty and that worked well. With Little Man I have resorted to singing. So picture him on the potty, me on the floor in front of him, and the two of us singing itsy bitsy spider and Jesus loves me.

Yay for Punkin! Such a relief I know!

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