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July 28, 2008


Julie Stewart

Kudos to you for being able to be a SAHM. I tried it for the first two years with Laney, and then again for the first six months with Tyler and I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. Some women have WAY more patience than I do, and I definitely think those are the ones that can do this. I am one of those that has to work outside the home just so I am not tempted to put my kids out with the trash can on Friday mornings! (Just kidding, but after staying home 24/7 with two fighting kids you will understand). The rewarding thing about me being a teacher (another one of those thankless/underpaid jobs) is that I do get the chance to work outside the home but still get quite a few chances to spend time with my kids. Summers are great, but I do look forward to going back to work when I hear my son drop a glass snow globe on the hardwood floor and my daughter smeared gum in her hair for the second time.

Julie Stewart

PS - my intended post was to say you are a strong & brave woman for being able to stay home...unless you've done it you have no idea how hard it is. I can't wait to go back to work so my house will stay clean for longer than 2.5 seconds!!


Im a sahmtwm which is a stay at home mom turned working mom. So I feel your pain, I was there for many, many years. My fav is not matter if you work outside the hm or not your still in charge of the cleaning and cooking. Never catch a break.


The closer it gets the more I want to stay at home, but I know its not possible at this time. But I know he will be in good hands.

I just have to say that from what I see you do a great job being a "mother" and all.


sassy, how long did you stay at home?

I, too, will be a sahmtwm...sooner than I'd like.

good blog!


I will be joining your ranks soon! I give mad props to all of the sahm's, it takes a lot to deal with nothing but little people all day long!

Thank God for Friday lunches! lol


Amen. All that and a husband who doesn't get to come home at night. It's enough to make a mommy crazy!


Just remember, everything worth having is worth working for . . . something to tell yourself when you are fixing your 359th cup of juice in a day! :-P

(because staying home with kids is soooooo work!)


My heart belongs in your post....and when you do get an ounce of free time, feel free to email me your tips on how you guys made it work. Hubby and I are on the brink of making the financial transition from 2 incomes to 1.....right now it seems impossible, but we're going to make it work SOMEHOW!!!!!!!! Any advice you have would go to a good home =)


email me your email address at and I would be glad to share any information I can with you.

Jessica W.

I admire all moms, especially sahm(you should coin that term--whatever the technical term is). Being a Mom is a HUGE, GINORMOUS job that not every woman can do properly. So social chick, I think that you are an inpiration to all women, moms and notmoms, because you have a VERY, SUPER hard job 24/7 while working Moms can find some sort of "time-out" from cleaning, cooking, watching kids, putting up with daddies (etc) at their jobs.

Ayshia Hatcher

I admire all mom's who stay at home. I am an "out of the house working mom." My sister is a "work at the house mom" as I commonly call her. I think your work and her work is MUCH harder than your work. I have the utmost respect for stay at home mom's but that certainly does NOT mean they don't work.


SAHM was my life long dream and I am living that dream, but sometimes I want to pull my hair out, find another job, run away for a while, and just once take a bath w/o interuptions. This is definately the hardest thing I have ever done, but will do it as long as I can!! I love it Most of the time. We can never get these years back is what I tell myself everytime I am mopping or cleaning up a puddle of PEE. We did poopoo in the potty all by ourself today. Praise JESUS this potty training thing is finally sticking. YAY!!


Thank you for saying all of the things we SAHM moms want to say. It is the nost challenging and rewarding job I have ever had. There are definitely sacrifices but they are totally worth it to be able to spend this precious timw with my 2 boys. I love being there for their "firsts" and knowing what they are hearing, seeing, watching, learning. Thank the Lord for husbands who understand and are willing to put in the hard work outside of the home to help make it happen.

Great Blog!!!


sofa - I was a sahm for a little over 5 yrs, almost 6


I meant over 5 years, almost

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