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July 31, 2008


Lisa Taylor

Those are precious! Tell chicklet that Mrs. Lisa says she looks beautiful!

I seriously hope you weren't kidding about taking orders. . .
I'll take two dresses in fall colors by the beginning of October. (They're for fraternal twin girls who will be turning two.)
They don't have to match exactly, but they do need to look similiar.

Oh, and be sure you don't put a label in them. Aunt Lisa is going to become very talented overnight! LOL!


if you realy want them let me know.


I'm glad it worked!!! I made a few a while back for a friend and ran into the same problems. They are just precious!!! Also, I'm not sure what area you are in exactly, but I do know that the local Walmart in Geneva, AL had some material for little girl dresses. All you have to do is buy the material, sew the sides together and add straps, and they are SUPER cute! They have princess, lady bugs, polka dots, etc.


very cute!


too cute!!

Ayshia Hatcher

Those look good!


I'm glad it worked. Does miss priss love dressing up yet?


very very cute, Ill take...

NONE. I have boys. Thanks for rubbing it in again....


I also have some nice cherry print material you're welcome to



GREAT JOB! I will be happy to embroider them. I am finally getting caught up. the chick shirts will be finished next week. Everyone that has come by to pick up their embroidery and saw them sewing has commented on how cute they are. I hope yall like them.

Jessica W.

Sassy you're too funny! You know you could get two for the boys...they just might hate you. Cherries..ha...I get that joke (for once)... :)

Jessica W.

I ment to add that the dresses were super cute. Sorry I got caught up in the jokes.

julie stewart

Oh those are gotta make some Gator colored ones (sorry sassy!)

julie stewart

PS - this message is for my Amy. My mother in law needs someone to do some embroidery on her placemat purses she has been selling and I told her I knew just the person to do it! Email me at and I will give you her cell number so ya'll can work out the details.

Lisa Taylor

Social, I really do want them! And I want Amy to embroider them when you're done. Didn't know I could shop on sevenchicks. What else do you guys have?

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