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July 05, 2008



Wii is your answer...Hope you find something to entertain you while on the go. The wii can be used for myan different purposes. If you are a workout girl, you can even use it for that also.


I think you personally will have more fun with the Wii.


Speaking from a women's perspective, I would personally go with the Wii. We just bought one, and I actually like it. You can also buy the Wii Fitness, which I hear is pretty entertaining. You can have fun and get a work out at the same time! The only problem is acutally finding the game. They seem to be hard to come by :o)


Just played the Wii for the first time this wknd over at my uncles. We all had a blast w/ it. It was entertaining for the whole family. The kids loved it too.

Ayshia Hatcher

We don't have a playstation so I can't compare the two but we do have a wii. We both really enjoy it as well as our 5 year old. It's very versatile in the type of games to play.

Lisa Nall

Our family loves the Wii. There are lots of really interactive games but there are also more traditional games.


We have the PS3, but I NEVER play it. As a women I would want the Wii, it has more action, and what looks to be like much more fun games on it.


We're out of the gaming world, so I'm no help. Sorry!

You could blog more or finish our book so we could be millionaires already. Just an idea. :-P


i could totally blog more...only i don't have internet at most of these places. well, we do at the hotels, but lately, scott is the one needing entertainment. i just crash on the bed....about 2 seconds after i lay there!


OK. I know I am a little late answering this, but I have been busy.
Buying a game system should take careful thought and consideration. Having two "Game-Freaks" (husband and son) in the family, I feel like I have some expierence. Owning both of them, I can give you a few pros of each.

-The PS3 has great graphics and is a "man's" game. The football is better and the actually feel as if they are participants. It's great for the extra tv. I do find myself bored after a few minutes though. There's only so much staring at a "boob-tube" you can do while vigorously moving your thumbs up and down. Men seemingly get into it though. They yell, and actually get angry if the umpire makes a bad call. Funny-yes, at times. They get so caught up in a game that they can simply press the restart button to play again. Why do you need it for the extra tv? Simple! You can close the door when it gets to intense. And when the chicks come over, all the testerone will hord in one room and you girls can enjoy your evening. WARNING! They WILL get loud!!!!

-The Wii. The graphics aren't so great. It's a blast to play, but you need a lot of room to move around. Wii sports are great, but be careful. You'll get tennis elbow from playing too much. Wii is more family oriented. You can choose from sports to dance to learning. There is a private school in Dothan that actually has 30 minutes of Wii as a physical activity during PE. It's the kind of game you invite couples over to play with you. So if he's looking for some down time, this is not the system you need to buy.

They like the ps3 better. I like the Wii better. But to be honest, I'm not sure we could live without either. So here's a suggestion. A lot of rental places have these systems you can rent. If Blockbuster doesn't have them, check at Aaron's. Rent a system for the weekend. See how well you like it. That way, you're not out of a lot money.
Hope this helps!
And Please let us know what you decide to buy.

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