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July 22, 2008



I love that he is holding your credit card in one hand and the finished product in the other - those people make a fortune! That said, it's a very cool experience for kids (and the kids at heart)


I can't believe I didn't notice the card in his hand . . . this was taken while we were being checked out. Two seconds later- no card to be found. Seriously. The doors are locked because it is after closing. There are 10 families in line to check out and there I am holding up everything because the card my child had 2 seconds earlier has disappeared off the face of the earth!!!

FINALLY, we shake the bear and out comes tumbling the card. It had gotten stuck underneath his shirt. Geez. What luck.

Lisa Taylor

That is really cool! Wish they had one somewhere in Dothan.


I love this place. We took chicklet their a few years ago and she loved picking out the outfit and actually building the bear.
The pictures are too cute!


I hope that we have time to take our big chicklet to make one for our little chicklet!! I think it will be so much fun!

Jessica W.

That is the coolest thing. It looks like good family fun. I wish there was one closer. Cute pics of your chicklet!


Can't wait untill the girls get old enough to do it.

Lisa Nall

We have also done the Build-a-bear experience. It is a lot of $$$ but my kids still treasure their stuffies.

Lil Man's is seriously cute!


Love the pics. I know he had a blast. Hopefully I haven't missed my "Build-a-bear" window of opportunity with my boys. I would love to take them.


So cute! I was a little skeptical as well, but now I think we'll have to splurge on build a bears one day. I love the pictures and how serious he is about making his bear.


Answers to q's:
Sassy- I think your chicklets would still like it. Heather 2's oldest is 10 and she was giddy. They have nfl football outfits so you can sell it to sassy rooster! :-)

Lisa- I think there are a couple of places that have a similar experience in Dothan. Last time I was there That Store had a small selection and someone told me that Kids Castle used to do it as well.

Singerchick- I was BEYOND skeptical and as I said, really wasn't planning to do it, but the little thing they do with the heart is the darn cutest thing. And the $10 economy bear didn't hurt!

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