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June 21, 2008


Lisa Taylor

Other than hang out with friends and shop -
Read, read, read!
I read so much to prepare for my world history and world geography classes during the school year that I like to escape into the world of fiction whenever I get a chance. I am a sucker for a good romance book (usually historical) or a vampire book (provided it isn't too gory)! I've pretty much given up on tv and movies, but I can't kick my reading habit. It is very relaxing!

My second favorite thing to do is scrapbook!


Laying out in the sun with no kids and never getting up for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know we love the water. Any spare moment and that's where you'll find us. Should have been home Friday. We hung out at mom's pool and rode Craig's jet ski at the lakel. Sooooo much fun!

Lisa Nall

Read or scrapbook. I depends on how creative I'm feeling.

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