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June 13, 2008



This photo makes me feel happy! I had a suggestion about a birthday party for punkin' and I guess I'm slow since that post wasn't handy. When our big guy was little, we did a pirate party at home that was a huge hit. Only a little imagination and they were into it - we gave them all eye patches and those plastic swords. We had a treasure hunt that involved gold (plastic) coins in the sandbox. The biggest hit was my husband made a rope swing over an "alligator pit", (we made a mud hole for them). You could make a "waterfall" to include water play or something. Those kids went home tired and happy.

Ayshia Hatcher

How cute is that! Priceless.

Erin Duke

Okay, that is seriously the cutest thing I have ever heard! Thomas is foever lecturing to his toys as well. :-P

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