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June 20, 2008


Ayshia Hatcher

I think your blog is very timely for many people. I think many of us always think Father's Day is a joyous time, when many times it is not, not because of physical death of a family but something exactly like you are describing. I'm sure your blog will help others feel they aren't alone. You'll be in our prayers.


thank you so much for your prayers. i am praying and i know that there is a lesson here and God will be there every step of the way. Thanks also for your encouraging comment. I second-guessed myself and thought about deleting this blog.


Thank you for this blog. I have had some rocky times with my dad too...the worst was shortly before I got married. I'd like to think he just didn't want me to grow up and didn't care for my hub for sweeping me off my feet? Whatever the reasons, over time we have finally gotten closer and he is now grateful for the wonderful man I married. I know how hard on the heart this can be, so I am saying a prayer for you and your father :)


You are not alone and every family has issues. So keep your head up and keep smiling. Things will get better and he will see one day:)


thanks ladies. i always smile and look on the bright side of things. prayer is vital in situations. and with that, there is peace.

i just felt compelled to write this since i know there are many out there that are in painful situations.


God is the Father above all Fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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