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April 29, 2008



My spiritual fire has been nothing more than a flicker for so long, how encouraging it is to read the words of someone who is excited about God. Not about the miracles or even the blessings (which are too numerous to count), but about God just because he's God. I'm still praying for my desire for God to be rejuvinated but your excitement is contageous. Thanks


Wow! I felt like you were talking straight to me. I am in a season as well. I feel like God is stripping me of everything that once defined me so that He can show me who He is and who I am in Him. Thank you for your passion, honesty and encouragement. FREEDOM!!!! I'm gonna start swinging the hammer.


Maybe it's in the genes? Ha!

Thank you for writing this blogs. I think we all struggle at least sometimes with the exact same thing. Remembering to be the dog that wags the tail and not let the tail wag us is easier said that done.

I try to remind myself all the time that I am a child of God and no matter what the circumstances look like, or what is falling down around me, I AM a child of God. And nothing can chnage that.


Thank you so much for sharing that. It is crazy how we can let our emotions take over us. Even as a grown woman I still can act like a small child with God! Great Blog!


Great blog, I to really struggle not to be controlled by emotions, I have to stop and make myself think rationally before proceeding so often. As silly as this sounds, I have never taken this to God, thanks for the eye opener!!
I love your excitement for the Father, thanks for sharing your heart with us, so very inspiring!!!!!


i love the excitement you have for Christ!
as an emotional person myself i understand what you are saying, and it is so hard sometimes to just let go and let God.


Thanks so much for sharing with us! Everything you said spoke to me in such a big way.

I think as women we all battle the lovely emotions raging in us to some degree. However, it's such a coincidence (or not) that you posted about it this week, because I've just recently said "ENOUGH" with the emotions. I'm asking God to help me have a healthy balance with them and be free from the struggle that they cause me on a daily basis.

This is me declaring freedom in my life! I am not controlled by my emotions. I am indeed free. I want to break away and cross over to the other side.

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