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March 24, 2008



Easter came early, this IS the pre-Easter cold snap! :-)

I always got Easter baskets like that growing up. I never knew that everyone got candy. So sleep well, they won't need therapy. Not for that anyway!

Punkin's easter basket, of which I have no photos thanks to the insane amount of barfing, contained of Veggie Tales movies/items from the $5 pre-Easter sale at the Christian bookstore, one mini m&m candy, and Diego sunglasses. I love picking out gifts for Punkin!

So what did everyone else include in their baskets?????


Are y a'll ready for this, I didn't do a basket. I have lost my touch or my mind from the lack of sleep. Hopefuly Pris didn't know any difference.


I made candy baskets for the "big" kids in my house (my brother who was visiting and the hubby) and I ate half of the candy! Your boys crack me up!


I'm with you photo. I thought it was strange when my friends wouldn't get cool things like new sandals, jewlery or pjs in thier baskets.

My kids are also consumed with the Easter candy. I would throw it all out except the biggest kid AKA Daddy would be very unhappy. He love his Easter candy as well.

We did do some non candy in the basket. They got the crock look a likes from Wally World, sunglasses, and the cutest kid size rake and shovel. Found those at the dollar tree and they loved them.


singer . . . you're holding out on me. i need bo bo crocs immediately. i haven't been able to find them!!! :-)

i remember i always got an outfit in my basket to wear to the easter egg hunt Easter afternoon. that was THE biggest deal ever when we were growing up. couldn't wait until WE were big enough to hide the eggs. except then it somehow lost all the magic. :-P

Grambe hen

Reading this brought back many good memories. Photo chick's mom and I would shop together for your Easter baskets.....I thought we always found the neatest things to put in your basket.....and not much candy but you'll never seem to mind that.


We missed Easter;o( We were at the Magic Kingdom. We saw lots of people dressed up in their Easter attire. We explained to the lil ones that it was easter and what it meant. We were going to do easter at my Dads this wknd but, I think we will pass, since it is my lil ones bday wknd. I didn't do a Easter basket, Disney trip was Easter and Bday!


Oh yeah, photo you can get bobo crocs in any color at the Sadies flea market in dothan my Dad picks them up for me. They also have the cute lil charms to go in them. I love them. They are comfy and great for summer. I wore the real crocs to Disney and they were great. They are not the cutest things, but I have feet issues, so the cutzie shoes are out for me.

Jessica W.

We have some bobo crocs at Pebbles in Lime, Pink, Navy, Black and white....but anyway... Mom bought me a pair of shoes instead of an Easter basket.

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