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March 05, 2008



I got pregnant near Thanksgiving and I felt punkin move for the first time during my spring break when i was working at the college.

I have no idea how many weeks that was, but it might give you an idea.

Christy Cutler

Such a bittersweet feeling...=)

I am the same as you. I hate, HATE, HATE wearing tight clothes, so as this whole long flowy shirt style has been out, I've really stocked up.

Which is good so that when my growing belly time comes, I will be ready.

I love baby updates


I can't remember when I felt the baby move. no surprise!

go up to a bigger size in pants, that is what I did.


Bittersweet stage indeed! I hated the in between, but like you i was also very excited to get a belly. I sat at my desk with unbuttoned pants nearly everday!

As far as movement....umm, can't remember! Surprise, surprise! I just know that it's amazing and you'll be feeling cupcake before you know it!

BTW, I have no clue what a tummy sleeve is and how it works!? I even clicked on the link and couldn't really figure it out. It sounds uncomfy!


I agree, get pants in a bigger size. You will need those at least for a few weeks after the baby anyway and probably won't feel like shopping. ;) I think I felt my first around 18w and regularly around 21-22w. I remember because I was 21w when I found out she was a girl and I remember lying on the table feeling her trying to get away from the u/s wand.

Julie Stewart

Aww...such memories of being pg for the 1st time! You won't know for sure about the movements until it is obvious - so much is unsure with the 1st because you don't know what's going on. I always hated that stage where your old clothes don't fit but maternity is still too big. It comes sooner with your next pregnancies - I'm only 8 weeks and I'm already in that in between stage! Good luck :-)


although i am not prego, i do sympathize on the tight pants day. for me..i might be feeling trim right until the moment i put on pants that were looser last time. the feeling of pants hugging my butt when they did not before...ugh..

your case is just a tiny bit different! the in between has to be not-so-fun, but the thoughts of cupcake growing must be exciting. i'm with singerchick on, what is the tummy sleeve?


I felt that butterfly bt 18-22 weeks each time. I remember soooo wanting to feel it at 16 but it always was later.... I don't know what i thought was so magical about 16 but the magic didn't come for me until later.....

Kt Goram

Girlie I just know as soon as I get pregnant I am going to blow up like a balloon, so if your clothes are JUST now feeling tight thats probably a good thing!
Hope you get some looser pants, there is NOTHING worse than feeling uncomfortable all day long!

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