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March 24, 2008


danny the poet scott

their is how it be spelled


it seems to me that he isn't really picking the prettiest. especially for the early roses.
anyways he was cool in the first episode but i'm not sure what to think of him now.


I didn't watch it this time but after reading this I'm glad. That would get on my nerves. I can't stand when the guys are all touchy and feely on the first shows.

julie stewart

I used to be like you having to watch the Bachelor each week until I realized the only couples that ever stay together are the ones from the Bachelorette. Makes you wonder - women actually choose their mates based on the right qualities and the guys choose based on who will give them a good time on that final date??!! I'm just sayin'... PS - Brad Womack from last season is still my fave, he didn't cave to the pressure of marrying someone he'd known for less than 6 weeks. He actually looked at the marriage proposal as something you need to be 100% sure about. Imagine that!


I liked him to, but I do wish he would have just decided to date DeAnna, he didn't have to marry her.

Do you know that the next Bachelorette is DeAnna, I loved her and am glad she is doing it!


Ummm . . . can't say that I watch it. Not a reality tv fan. Sorry!

julie stewart

Yes, plannerchick, I heard about DeAnna being the new Bachelorette! I am so excited - I have been waiting for ABC to do another season, since I am sick of watching The Bachelor...Jesse Palmer ruined it for everyone!


My Bf Jodi and I are huge bachelor fans! We dvr it so we can analyze. I know its crazy! I like the new bachelor, but I haven't watched last nights episode yet. Some of the girls cracked me up b/c they made such fools of themselves. I love the girl from Niceville too! I am thinking of having a finale party.LOL


I would like to say, is there really this HUGE of a shortage of men. I mean for the most part these women are beautiful. Do they really have to try THIS hard to fight over one man????

Not that I dont watch, cause normally I do.


but then again there is the girl...with the cat...who is the love of her LIFE....that might be a reason to be desperate


I agree with all of your observations. Shayne is a brat, one should NEVER bite into a coke can, and saying your cat is the love of your life on tv is a bad idea. However, these things (sadly) make good tv :)


OMGoodness! I watched Mon. episode and could not believe all the singing. I was embarrassed for them. Not that they couldn't sing but the desperation.

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