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March 28, 2008



MEEE TOOOO!! I hate being so white, I know its all for a good cause, but I have GOT to get some sun, got to!!!


i don't think anyone is as white as me. i will be laying out tomorrow morning, warm or not.


You just need to buy my tanning bedLOL! I seriously don't have time to lay in it.


Oh yeah dove self tanning lotion works pretty good.


I'm trying to talk mom and dad into buying it so that I can use it. lol!


Add me to the list! Desparately need a tan!!


umm yes a tan is most def needed over here too! But maybe I will be able to work on that over spring break! Thats the plan neway!!

Jessica W.

I'm giving up hope on my pigments in my skin allowing me to darken somewhat. I now tell people I'm embracing the Scarlet O'Hara in me (b/c being snow white was popular in that time period).

Ashlee and Carey

She is so beautiful! I know what you mean about a tan...I was out at my track meet last week and got burned so bad! My poor skin hadn't seen sun in months and then I threw it into the sun with no warning! Needless to say, I am not a pretty sight right now! I am wondering how many layers will peel off before it stops!


seeing and hearing about this little girl is making that unwanted 'baby fever visitor' come knocking on my door. is pregnancy contagious? she's precious!

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