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March 04, 2008



That's awesome. I think in the far corners of my mind, under some cobwebs, perhaps I knew this. There were always lots of articles about Nascar on Baptist Press.

I think that's part of the reason I love my hometown basketball so much. Did you see the signs the crowd was holding with Bible verses on them? And myself and a teammate from back in the day prayed with the girls before the last games. It's just natural there. The kids instigate it and it's no big deal.

(i can't handle another sports addiction, so i will be supporting nascar from afar!)


that is awsome! can't say that I will watch it but it makes me feel good that there are still poeple who believe in the power of prayer.


Awesome! Still not a fan of the sport itself, but I admire the stand they're taking!

Jessica W.

I know!! I saw/hear then once when nothing else was on and I watched a race. I think that's pretty awesome that people..even 'celebritys'...still stand up for God.

Lisa Nall

My Dad is also a sports addict. When we are at his house or he's at ours and NASCAR is on we watch it. It's a boring sport (in my opinion) but it's really cool that they PRAY!


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