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February 28, 2008



i like the last one the best.


a machine that cooks a delicious, nutrious dinner that everyone likes EVERY night.

I would love to just have Rosie from the jetsons, a robot to do all the cleaning, cooking, etc. would be wonderful!!!!

Lisa Nall

Amen, those twisty ties drive me insane. My husband assures me that the little Chinese guys take pride in their work. Ugh!

How about a machine that washes, dries, folds and puts away the mountains of clothes a family of four can produce in 2 days.


I'm sticking with the batteries. They are expensive and getting into the back of a toy is just about impossible without superman or the bionic woman!

Wel, that and the paycheck to stay home, or corse!!!!!


I need one that changes diapers and baths your children when you get to big to lean over the bath tub and your husband don't get home untill 8:15 at night!


I need a volume button for the tiny chicklet when he's crying because I'm not holding him and I can't take the decibal of his cry any longer!

OH yeah....and the high paying job to let me stay home with the kiddos in addition to Robot Rosie.


I don't want any machines. I want to be able to cross my arms and blink and clean my house, make my husband disapear (just temporarily), bathe my children and put them to bed.....and hey - maybe even take care of the mountain on my desk at work. And I would love to look like that in a jeanie costume!!!

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