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February 26, 2008



Lord help! I thought it was just girls that were supposed to be obsessive about their clothes. I don't look forward to that battle. You know I do love to dress my little man! :-P

(and we do expect a photo next time!)


Oh gosh he is too funny! That kid does have a mind of his own!! Good thing that you have the Rod! lol next time take a picture!


you fogot to mention the army vest with the sweater. Believe me people it was to cute!!!!


Thank goodness my chicklet has never been to picky about what he wears. He did get anal about having his shoe laces tucked into his shoes when he was smaller. He would cram them into the shoe, even if they just came out a little bit! He also had to have "soft pants" around the age of 5. He hated zippers back then, lol. Glad we are pretty much past those days. He still gets persnickety on occasion if something is bothering him.
You have to post pics next time, I would love to see this!


I this obsessive about clothes...and isnt a GIRL....ummmmm....

Why didn't they warn us that our boys would care this much? It totally caught me off guard. And yes. Pick your battles. Thats why sometimes my kids come to church in cammo....and long johns...and shorts...with boots...

Trust me....


You def have to take pictures of this fun phase he's in!


Yes their sense of style is quite unique. I would lay out clothes for Jessica to wear to the babysitter and later preschool. Her dad's job was to put it on her and take her where she needed to be. It never surprised me to pick her up in stripes and polka dots, long sleeves with shorts or any other combination she could come up with. His response ususally was "I didn't care I had to get to work." She had a stubborn streak a mile wide. You are right you have to pick your battles. Luckily, Tori has not developed her own sense of style that is beyond reasoning yet. In the store shopping, she will tell you when she doesn't like something.


How cute! Cam always wants to wear his "CARY" shirt. We only have 2, so I have to put them out of sight. I have to admit I let him wear it dirty one day. I didn't have the energy to fight that battle and just finished using the rod prior to this discussion.LOL

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