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February 27, 2008



I have a love affair with my straightner too. If I ever won an award on TV I would have to include her in my acceptance speech because I would truly not be who I am today without her love and support. LOL


You are seriously derranged! :-P


I am jealous that you have a new one, I am starting to get the bug for a new one. I used Julias last weekend and didn't realize how much better the regular is that the turbo. :-P


These were the best things ever invented!


Love the chi!! Your hair does look good, btw. It looks smooth and soft! ;-)


I guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy a real Chi. I don't know if I will need it w/ my new do Im getting soon.

Julie Stewart

Love it! Don't know how much you paid for it, but they have the 2 inch turbo Chi on for $85 which is a steal for a Chi.


I don't love the turbo. I was so ADAMENT about Sassy Rooster picking up the BLACK ONE WITH YELLOW PLATE that he was scared to death. I kept saying, dont get the red one, don't get the red one, black only. When he got here he said, "There was a pink one." I said, "Awww that would be cute why didnt you get that one?"

(Insert VERY mean look from Sassy Rooster) "You made it CLEAR what color to get. I wasn't going to screw that up."

Julie Stewart

Sassy - too funny! Josh (my rooster) would have done the same thing...although pink would have been cuter than yellow!! If you don't mind elaborating, what is the beef with the turbo? I was going to buy one today, so I need any input you have...


julie- just in case sassy doesn't see this today, i thought i'd respond for you.

i have very curly hair, and in my experience of using some of the other chicks' turbo, it just does not straighten as well. you have to work harder at it and get less of a result.

planner chick has really curly hair too and after trying her cousin's original (who has even curlier hair) she is sold on the original too.

soooooo . . . three heads up for the original!!!! :-p

(i don't actually know what the difference between the two is, however. i have the original and have only used the turbo a few times and don't remember what it even really looks like)


FYI - It was such a long response I had to send it via

Who me? Talk a lot? Never....

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