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February 08, 2008



Thank you so much! you made me cry! I love you sooooo much! Was this my suprise? If so it was great!

singer chick

You're very welcome! I made myself cry.

This is the surprise. I was scanning those pics at your house last night. There's one pic I really wanted, but couldn't find. Do you remember the one where we are both sitting in the brown leather chair in our pjs drinking coffee?


yea I remember that one. it is precious!


I hate to break into your conversation here, but you made me cry too! :-)

(and sassy is going to be bitter all over again that she doesn't have a sister!)


this is the sweetest! love seeing the pictures! happy birthday again social!


side note, singer, i knew your oldest chicklet looked like you, but that top pic, my goodness does it look like him!


so sweet! made me tear up too. you two have something very special.


oh my gosh planner, you're right!!! i never really thought about that! i was too busy thinking (and trying not to say) how much she looks like her mom!


oh my goodness..ya'll are so sweet and blessed. i am happy that those kind of relationships are still out there.

btw: i know that little pris looks like chick, but she looks just like momma in the second pic!


Aww! Sisters do have a special bond. My sis and I were talking about that puberty stage not too long ago. How we wish we would have known then what we know now. That's life! I am so glad you two are BF's. You both are such beautiful annointed women of God! BE BLESSED!!


Very sweet! I agree with the other chicks about that first pic - the first thing I noticed was how much you little one favors you when you were younger!


Weird you said that photochick - it was EXACTLY my first thought. SUCKS not to have a sister. Sucks.

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