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February 28, 2008


Alison Wolfe

Thank you for sharing that with us.. There are alot of people that will be encouraged from this blog.


I don't know how people can live day by day not believing in God! I am so glad for the promises of God! Thanks for sharing!


I cannot imagine how I would survive without God. I always tend to think of it more when something is going on in my life, but how do people truly make it a day without Him. ya know

On a side note, I LOVE Seventh Day Slumber. I have always loved the song "Caroline" it is so beautiful to me.


how true. great blog!

(i previously wrote a three paragraph response that disappeared and i'm too lazy to think it all up again. sorry!)


Great words. I have long believed like friendship which is never more true than after is has been tested with fire, our faith and our believe has to be tested. The true joy is to believe in God and trust God even when we are at our lowest.

Lisa Nall

In my study of Daniel this week we talked about Christians going through fiery trials. Here's a quick synopsis.

1. God can deliver us from the fire. Faith is built.

2. God can deliver us through the fire. Faith is refined.

3. God can deliver us by the fire straight into his arms. Hallelujah! Our faith is perfected!

I love Beth Moore. Her study of Daniel is one of the best I've ever participated in! And I'm only in week 3!


How encouraging, Thanks! God is so faithful to us, no matter what we think in certain circumstances he sees our tomorrows. If we can just trust him no matter what. I heard that song not too long ago, and loved it!


this is a great song. its so great to have such a firm reassurance that things are already taken care of.

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