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February 28, 2008



Oh my this is so cute! Maybe you can distract her by letting her feed her baby while you feed your baby. You can be moms together, lol! Thanks fo sharing though, I always love to hear about Miss Prisses new antics!!


too cute!! And I like planners idea maybe that will help when the lil tiny gets here


that's absolutely precious!

maybe you should get her a baby doll that has a bottle and wrap it up and give it to her when she comes to visit at the hospital. that way you get a new baby and she gets a new baby. maybe she'll leave the real one alone if she has her own.


Too cute! She's such a smarty! I'm sure she'll adjust well and tiny hiney will me!


She is going to be a great Big sister!! she needs to come over and help Cameron to know how to put his toys away. He always says no Mommy you. We have lots to work on;o(


she's too cute! last night in nursery she kept playing with the kitchen washing her hands and making something to eat. it was too cute.

Erin Duke

She WILL try to feed the baby. I am speaking from experience. I walked in the other day and my 2 year old had gotten a dirty bottle off the counter and had it holding it in baby girl's mouth and she was sucking away. Thank goodness the bottle was from her most recent feeding! :-)


Maybe you can teach her to feed the real baby while you TAKE A NAP....

Im just saying....

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