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November 20, 2007



so sorry for the bad day. i've been right there with you lately and it STINKS!!!

enjoy much sleep during the holidays with the hubby at home!

oh, and you're making me think i, and maybe the chicklet again, should go back to the doctor. i keep saying i feel like i have bronchitis, but i don't have a fever so i thought maybe not. fun, fun.


i'm sorry you had a bad day. hopefully the chicklet will get to feeling better now that shes got medicine.
You will still be able to eat a lot on 2,000 calories, don't stress, and you look good to me. but listen to the doctor!!
Love ya, hope you havee a better day today!


i hope today is better!


This is me not being the supportive, optimistic friend, but rather exactly what I am thinking - Keepin' it

Praise God you gained more than 5lbs. You get to officially report it. Now, try to catch up. You only have a 100 more to get to where I was. No need to panic.

Number two: What the crap. How do kids go from fine to BRONCHITIS in two seconds. Is there not an easy button somewhere or an alarm that will automatically sound when something monumental has shifted.

Thirdly, who's the idiot that put the wrong dose that could have totally hurt tiny? My guess is you didn't get the medicine filled at Crapmart because I klow for a fact they wouldn't catch a mistake, they're in the business of stealing our souls.

I'd like to end this on a good note. Go Pastor, git 'r done! Get to preaching, I get to eat tomorrow!

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