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November 09, 2007


Ayshia Hatcher

OHHH! I love it. It looks great.


i really like it! you have a good face for a cute cut like that! potatoe face and big eyes like me doesn't do so well..heheeehee.

but it really looks great. i'm sure with time you'll like it.

social chick

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks fixed and you know what I mean. IT doesn't make you look old or way to young. It is in your head!

Stephanie Orr

I really like it and think that it looks great on you!


you are worried over's very cute!


I'm so sorry it has caused you so much angst - it really does look great! I know how it feels though to not like your cut, it doesn't matter what other people say in those situations. You look great and in a few days you'll be used to the change.


we've already talked, but i just wanted to leave some love.

i think it looks really good and really healthy! you'll like it more when it grows a bit.

but as you can tell from the posts . . . we all like it now!

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