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September 04, 2007


Stephanie Orr

I am going to say Singer Chick was the Homecoming Queen and b/c of that fact maybe Social Chick's husband was the King.

Sassy Chick - Undercover

I believe Sassy Chick was the H/C Queen because she so reminds me of Cindy Crawford with her un-naturally skinny legs, hips and washboard stomach. She must weigh like 80 lbs.

I would like to leave this comment as an anonymous, completely objective reader.


Okay, i'm commenting....i know, i know, you can't believe it. I do know the answer. do you want me to say???


ummmm..if i remember all of the chick stories....i think it is sassy chick...yay for high school days!


Haha everyone is wrong!! I know...its planner chick and social chicks what do I win?

planner chick

this is a trick question. the answer is photochick and her husband. good try though.

baby chick

no, no, no, you're all wrong its singer chick and planner chicks husband. :)


just for those who don't get the photochick and her husband thing . . . we were high school sweethearts. seriously like something off of a movie. who'd have thunk?

Sassy Chick

I think it was social chick and photo chick and it was a very liberal high school.

Lisa Nall

I'm just guessing but I'll go with Photo Chick and Social Chicks hubby.

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