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August 30, 2007


singer chick

Well said! I love having two boys as well. It just feels complete somehow.


that's exactly why i'm not worrying about this next baby. of course i would love a girl, but i would LOVE for punkin to have a brother. i think that would be the neatest thing on earth!

so i'm happy. either way. :-)

social chick

i must say that there is nothing like having a girl. i'm sure boys are fun but having a little press is awsome. Believe me putting bows in their hair is not all that it is cracked up to be. They don't always have enough hair. lol! the clothes are great but most of the cute cute ones are to much money. it seems like it would be so much fun and it is but i'm sure it is equal with a boy.


There is nothing like my boy! I have had to learn as we went along to let him get dirty, climb, and all the other stuff! I am so glad that God softened my heart to this, b/c he loves being a boy!


i kinda know what you mean...well i understand what you mean. seeing my sisters with all of those much as we drool over the girly clothes and ribbons, we would not trade a single one of those boys for the world!! love is blind.

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