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August 14, 2007



i think maybe his point is . . . he doesn't care what he wears. :-)

more reasons i don't understand boys.

singer chick

I'm sorry, but this did make me laugh. I think because I can relate to trying to stay calm and just loosing it. Thank God there's always a new day (or another Monday).


I just died laughing at this sitting in my office yesterday. Thanks for making me laugh I certainly needed it. The funny thing to me is I can HEAR you saying this. I'm afraid I will have my eyes more opened with Caroline in the next few years!


Want to join the "school shopping over achiever mom's group" with me? I'm there with you!

Oh, and I caved on Day 1. Colin wore an old t-shirt to school. Let's just say that if his shirt is not the color of one of the Wiggles, he ain't wearing it! So, all those orange polos (3 of them) and green ones (5 of those) and even pink (2 and yes, I try to get my son to wear's manly!!!) are hanging in his closet. If I start the day before preparing him that "We need to wear one of those great new green shirts tomorrow!" he will usually begrudgingly give in but only if I promise him that he can be Greg or Anthony the next day. God love those boys! One way girls are easier...they LOVE new clothes...makes me get all teary!

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