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August 13, 2007



he looks adorable, i cannot believe that he is already 3, where has the time gone. you should journal this somewhere so you can always remember!!

baby chick

look at him so grown up! he's so smart he shouldn't have a problem at all with school.

Sassy Chick

I am so proud of 'lil man. I knew he'd love it. You did exactly what many of us moms do, even after several years of dropping them off, it doesn't get any easier.

mr. social chick

Uncle Ted shead a little tear just readin about it. Im proud of my little man!


oooooh, even moma survived. that's a good sign! tomorrow will be better!


I am not gonna lie I teared up a little..our little guy is becoming a big man;) He is so stinkin smart, I know he is gonna do great!


Family members, please don't feel alone....we have also joined the crying party! But as experienced school teachers, he is the best-looking student we have EVER seen.

Sassy Chick

Doth mine eyes decieve? Is that a comment from Grambe???????

Rick Everitt

I think he takes after his papie too. I will be real happy in about 5 years when these grandson start helping with the outside work. Fine young man guys..You should be proud.
Rick Everitt

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