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August 10, 2007



that is too funny, are your knees okay? lol


oh lord, just wait until you get pregnant and definately not known as jack be nimble! i can't even remember how many times i fell.

if you think it's emberassing now, just wait until you're the pregnant girl and everyone who doesn't even know you runs over having a heart attack because they are so worried you hurt the baby.

and the best part, as emberassed as you are, you can't get up without their help so you have to suck it up. :-P

. . . just a little something to make this week's events seem a little more bearable!

Kristen C.

dont feel bad, i have actually fallen over bigger things than that, plus i fell in front of friends then got up got up just to run into the light pole. it was hilarious after the stars quit

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