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August 29, 2007


baby chick

a good book is definitly a good idea. i have been trying to read more and watch less t.v.
its just as interesting(or more) and gets your mind active.

planner chick

this has really been on my heart to, BIG TIME, and after Sunday I def. don't want to play, it's a really hard thing to give up though, Luckily I like to read to, and it honestly relaxes me more than TV.


i'm not going to comment because that is a killer one for me! not that i watch so much, but just a little when needed ohhhh so does the trick.

i guess i can just stick with chad's survivor man and how they make big crap that you don't care anything about shows and be just fine after all. :-P

so i guess that was a comment after all.

singer chick

I know. Most of the time, at our house, it's Bill O'Reilly or the History Channel. I usually just sit and stare at the tv while he watches unless something peeks my interest, of course.

Sassy Chick

I am in total, 100%, agreement. We are either for something or against it. We have to draw a line or we are no different that the people we are trying to share the gospel with.

Rick Everitt

Wake Up, Didn't I hear that alot Sunday.. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today... Sounds like we all heard the same message..Ever been in a deep sleep and you wanted to wake up, but couldn't do it. I think alot of us are that way and are asking for help to wake up.. I am.

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