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August 09, 2007



stick to it, you are doing wonderful! I am proud of you for sticking to Atkins, it takes will power, and 2 weeks shows you've got it!

singer chick

This is me cheering you on again...Go Photo Chick Go! You can do it!

As far as the comments go...there's always one to mess with your psyche. Whether it be when you're trying to loose weight, making a difficult decision concerning your kid, or just doing something that is really important to you. There's usually a comment (even thought innocent by the commenter) that throws you off track for a moment.

Love ya.

Sassy Chick

Told by co-worker last week, "Do you know that shirt makes you look pregnant?"

As a matter of fact. I didn't. I don't make a habit of picking clothes that make me look pregnant, but thanks for your opinion. I'll file it away with all the rest of your advice.


thanks to all. and in case i didn't mention . . . i didn't get the coke and fries. i'm pretty sure i get an award for that.

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