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August 30, 2007


singer chick

thank you for sharing your heart. you have put some of my thoughts into words. i sit here now with tears in my eyes.

it's not just for me that these tears are for, but our generation, our nation and our future generations.

I know it's easy to get caught up in the emotion (we are chicks after all), but I'm ready for a heart, mind and soul change. A defining moment in my relationship with God.

I too, am also compelled. Compelled to draw a very definite line. There should only be black and white in my walk with grey area.

sorry to go on and on.


I know this is coming from lil ole me and not our Daddy, but may I say "well done!"

You DO say the right things, and you DO walk the walk. I say this in all confidence because it was your words and your life that affected and effected my life.

Months after I had silently given my heart to God, I was still living a life of dirty, dirty sin. Then God planted you smack dab in the middle of my world. You begin to minister to me. You showed me my first glimpse of the Bible and gave me encouraging verses to look into. While I was living with, and engaged to marry my boyfriend, you spoke of your future husband whom you hadn't even met. I was amazed. I was facinated. I wanted and desired a relationship with Jesus like yours! It was through you that God was able to convict me. It was through you that God gave me the strength to walk away from my fiancee and into the arms of Jesus.

My dear friend, I have no doubt in my mind that your are still walking in the Lord and effecting others to this day!

I thank God for you. I am grateful that you didn't just bite your tongue and allow me to continue living my life the way I did. I thank you that you listened to God and used the words that He had given you.

You once told me how God molds us, just like clay pots, into what He wants us to be, and he has shaped you into a beautiful and loving servant! And for that, I love you dearly!


oh, i sooo fight this. if i let myself go i would say toooo much, so i almost fight it on the flip side. i have purposely tried to condition myself to not comment every time i want to. to not jump every time someone's words make my nerves stand on end about spiritual matters. it was a hard lesson learned, mostly from my loving Jewish friend from grad school. i will truly NEVER forget her for that reason alone.

for me, although i loved people deeply it didn't seem to show because i felt like i had to say something EVERY time. had to defend what i believed EVERY time. i prayed so hard for God to show me His timing and His words to speak at the perfect time.

so jump forward years and i catch myself now not saying a darn thing. what the heck? so i'm right there with 'ya planner chick. praying that i will grow closer to God and in doing so be able to walk in His perfect will where i KNOW, and i mean KNOW His voice from even the tiniest whisper.

so there's my book.


plannerchick! i have tears and my eyes sting with the truth in your words. not the truth that you will be found wanting. the truth of the search to not let ourselves get in the way of God. for the past couple of months i have really been analyzing my life and wondering the same things.

i talk the game all the time. i always try to do the right things for God. but do i really? my heart yearns to hear, well done thy good and faithful servant. and then i have to i literally being that faithful servant.. always doing my best for my master?

i do not want the clutter of my earthly world to infiltrate and bring filth into my soul. so much junk on tv (the uneeded sex and language). i think back and see the precious time i wasted on junk like that and i get sad that i did not spend it with my daddy God.

sorry i am talking a lot..but that is kinda why i have been loving such simple moments so much lately. i can focus on God and allow him to continue his work in me and through me.

i personally love you and am with an earthly friend (sister) and as a christian. i understand your thoughts...please feel good though. i have seen the work of your hands..yet not really your own hands. i have seen the works of God THROUGH your hands.

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