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August 13, 2007


Sassy Chick

I love that you shared the story behind the laugh. I always wonder how you could capture such a genuine laugh on cue. Who knew it was actually something that funny. Thanks, you made my day!


hey sassy . . . i can't capture it if it aint a happenin.

i'm magical, but not that much. :-)

singer chick

that is hilarious...i was wondering too...thanks for letting us in on the moment.


Kaylor this photo is awesome...cherish it forever! These photographs are always my favorite - much better than a staged studio shot. You guys look incredibly happy!!

Rick Everitt

Fine looking couple and I am very please to know them and see how God is using them to past it on.. I am pleased to have them in our church and would encourage them to keep up the good work and get-r-done for the Courts of Praise.. Good work guys...
Rick Everitt

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