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July 31, 2007



so i totally feel your pain. i went through the same thing and when you gain those extra 5 pounds after a year of staying the same skinny size it doesn't feel good at all.

Lisa Nall

Since you threw the question out to the universe, just a thought - stay off the scales. Watch how your clothes fit. If you look "good" you are where you need to be.


I try not to think about it, but it does creep back up on me, and those few extra pounds have come back. I'm right there with you girl, jogging, blech! but it's gets the job done. I think I like to eat to darn much!


well, i'm all for you staying healthy and in shape now. no need to wait until you gain 15 pounds and then have to loose that much instead of taking care or 2 or 3 now.

however, it is very sad to me that 2 or 3 pounds alters how you feel about yourself. i don't know why intelligent women let such minor things bother us, but it seems we do. someone told me to try to stay conscious, but not obsessed. i think that's a good balance. not that i've found it yet . . . on either side. :-P

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